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Motivated by the desire to cultivate meaningful intercultural dialogue through the visual arts in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and committed to leveraging the capabilities of modern social media outreach for amplified impact, the International Art Colony is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking project and documentary film series Mozaik

We firmly believe that artistic expression transcends mere aesthetic beauty or creative use of materials. It possesses the power to convey profound thoughts and personal narratives that are meaningful to share with the broader public. This perspective opens up a valuable channel for mutual learning and promotes intercultural dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding of each other through the rich tapestry of diverse artistic narratives.

PROJECT DETAILS: Mobility For Creativity:

The International Art Colony proudly introduces its second special focus art residency project, specifically designed for active and talented visual artists hailing from the EUROMED region.

 This initiative is tailored for artists who are eager to break away from their routine practices and venture into new creative territories. Participants in this program have the opportunity to breathe life into their creative initiatives, explore novel ideas, and engage in collaborative endeavors with like-minded peers.

The residency spans one month, accommodating a maximum of two beneficiaries or mobilized individuals, each based in different countries.

Curators:  Ina Berkovic, Mohammad Abou Elnaga


Upcoming Special Focus Art Residencies (Closed)

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