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Caravan: Radio Broadcast Promoting World Fusion Music

The International Art Colony is dedicated to fostering meaningful cross-cultural exchanges, extending beyond the realm of visual arts to embrace the universal language of music.
Committed to promoting dialogue and understanding, our community believes that both art and music serve as powerful conduits for transcending cultural boundaries.

Through this holistic approach, we aim to create a vibrant space where diverse perspectives converge, inspiring connections and conversations that resonate on both artistic and musical wavelengths.

Amir A. Abdi
Host, Caravan

Live on Radio Tilos (90.3 FM) since 1999

Embark on a transformative musical expedition with Caravan: Weekly World Music Tours, where the vibrant beats of contemporary traditional music from every corner of the globe harmonize seamlessly with modern electronic sounds. Our mission is to not only introduce listeners to diverse musical traditions but also to weave them together into a cohesive tapestry, transcending individual cultures to create a universal human culture.

In the belief that a truly “global culture” emerges when the rich tapestry of diverse cultures is interwoven into a higher, collective expression of humanity, Caravan invites you to explore this cultural synthesis. If you possess an open mind and a curiosity about how apparent contradictions can beautifully coexist within a framework of tolerance and mutual respect, then tune in!

Since 1999, this groundbreaking radio show has been captivating audiences on Radio Tilos, Hungary’s pioneering not-for-profit community radio station. Join us on a timeless journey where the power of music becomes a bridge that connects us all, fostering understanding, appreciation, and the celebration of our shared human heritage.

The Gaza Mixes

A compilation of all mixes dedicated to Gaza, aired on Caravan /Radio Tilos since October 7th, 2024.

Caravan / Mix Archives

To start listening, please scroll down the embedded archive page of Caravan on Radio Tilos, and select the show from the list of dates by clicking on the play or download icons (Lejátszás button). To view tracklist, please click on the date of the show (tracklistával). Accept coockies by clicking on Okés. To tune in to the live stream of Radio Tilos, please click on The Play button on top of page or on (Élő red button).

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