Art Residency


Uncovering and promoting the best of contemporary Palestinian visual art

This groundbreaking annual special focus project is composed of a series of interconnected initiatives focused on 2 central goals:

1. The proper documentation of the leading masters of contemporary Palestinian visual art and

2. The promotion of Palestinian art worldwide.

Owing to the fact that rarely do Palestinian visual artists meet, if ever – due to their spread in the diaspora, technical & legal barriers and other problems – gathering a group of them at a neutral location for a prolonged and relaxed meeting  will no doubt carry significant importance for the artists themselves, their audience and Palestinian visual art in general.




Additionally, this should contribute to stimulating and strengthening Palestinian artists’ mobility in Europe and worldwide, for the ultimate goal of the project is “..to allow the Palestinian artist to transcend the geography of Palestine and become an international artist”, as beautifully described by Steve Shabella in his article on the Palestinian art market.



  • Art Residency Dates
  • Location
  • Exhibition

 10 - 25 August, 2021

Jery's Hunter's Lodge, Gaja Nature Reserve, Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary

Károlyi Palace, Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary, 24th August, 2021, 17:00-20:00

The International Art Colony is launching the forth chapter in its project series “Masters of Palestinian Art”. As in the past three projects in this series, season 4 includes an art residency in the heart of nature, filming, and an exhibition at the end of the art residency.

  • Eligiblility
  • Scholarships
  • Policies
  • Costs
  1. Call is only open to Palestinian visual artists from Palestine or the diaspora.
  2. Call is only open for visual artists working in the painting and drawing field.
  3. Call only open for visual artists with proven track record of exhibitions and artworks.
  4. Other conditions for application: willingness to be filmed while working, and to be interviewed  on camera.
  5. Proficiency in Arabic or English.
  6. Age limit: 30-85.
  7. Previous formal art education is not a condition for application.

Depending on availability of external funding from donors, the International Art Colony shall provide all the  selected successful candidates with coverage of most of their art residency expenses, except as detailed in "costs" section.

Art residency costs included in the scholarship are:

  1. Accommodation costs for 14 nights.
  2. Dining costs (3 meals a day).
  3. Art Materials costs.
  4. Exhibition costs.
  5. Filming costs.
  6. Round table costs.
  7. Airport transfer from and to the Art Colony.
  8. Museum entry ticket costs.
  9. The International Art Colony reserves the right to cancel or postpone this call in case no funding from donors is secured for scholarships.

1. The Art Colony will invite 7-10 visual artists selected by our jury from among the eligible applicants, who have duly applied for this art residency call by the set deadline and who meet the specified conditions and quality standards.

2. To ensure gender equality, The Art Colony shall invite 5 male and 5 female artists.

3. To ensure geographic coverage, the Art Colony will invite 3-5 artists from Palestine, and 3-5 artists from outside Palestine.

4. Selected candidated shall be notified by email no later than 1st of June, 2020.

5. Visual artists are expected to donate 2  artworks : One from among the artworks created during the art residency , and one older artwork, as selected by the Jury.

6. The International Art Colony reserves the right to cancel or postpone this call in case no funding from donors is secured for scholarships.

Costs Not covered by Art Colony Scholarship

1. Visual artists should cover their own travel expenses to and from the Art Colony.

2. Visual artists should arrange their visa application, and should cover their visa application expenses.

3. Visual artists visiting the Art Colony should have valid medical insurance for the time of their art residency.

4. Visual artists should cover their alcoholic drinks offered at the Hotel bar (except local wine) and light beverages (except mineral water) consumption expenses. See the Gastronomy page for more information.

5. Visual artists should cover any other private expenses, such as some of the recreational  activities. See the Adventures page for more information.

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Past Projects in this Series

Participating artists: Ibrahim Hazimeh (Akka/Berlin), Abed Abdi (Haifa), Sliman Mansour (Jerusalem), Samir Salameh (Safad/Paris), Nabil Anani (Ramallah), Tayseer Barakat (Gaza/Ramallah), Asad Azi (Jaffa).

Participating artists: Buthina Milhem (Ar’ara), Juhaina Habibi Kandalaft (Nazareth), Hani Zurob (Gaza/Paris), Karim Abu Shakra Hamzeh (Um el Fahem), Manal Mahamid (Haifa), Mohammed Joha (Gaza/Rome), Mohammad Saleh Khalil (Ramallah).

participating artists: Bashar Alhroub (Ramallah) Shada Safadi (Golan Hights) Bahir Qonqar (Bethlehem / Vienna) Fatima Abu Roomi ( Tamra ) Fouad Agbaria (Um El Fahem) Amjad Ghannam (Jerusalem) Randa Maddah ( Majdal Shams /Paris)

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