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Uncovering and showcasing the best of contemporary Palestinian visual art


This innovative yearly special focus initiative comprises a series of interconnected efforts dedicated to hosting prominent masters of contemporary Palestinian visual art. The project involves documenting their creative processes during their art residency and presenting their work through exhibitions and film.

Given the infrequent interactions among Palestinian visual artists, primarily due to their dispersion in the diaspora, technical and legal barriers, and various challenges, bringing together a group of these artists at a neutral venue for an extended and unhurried gathering holds immense significance. Such a meeting undoubtedly carries importance for the artists themselves, their audience, and the broader landscape of Palestinian visual art.





Furthermore, this initiative aims to contribute to the enhancement and fortification of the mobility of Palestinian artists in Europe and globally. The ultimate goal of the project, eloquently articulated by Steve Shabella, is to “allow the Palestinian artist to transcend the geography of Palestine and become an international artist.”



The International Art Colony is inaugurating the fourth installment in its project series, “Masters of Palestinian Art.” Similar to the preceding three projects in this series, Season 4 encompasses an art residency situated in the midst of nature, comprehensive filming, and a concluding exhibition showcasing the outcomes of the art residency.

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Past Projects in this Series

Season 1 (2016)

Participating artists: Ibrahim Hazimeh (Akka/Berlin), Abed Abdi (Haifa), Sliman Mansour (Jerusalem), Samir Salameh (Safad/Paris), Nabil Anani (Ramallah), Tayseer Barakat (Gaza/Ramallah), Asad Azi (Jaffa).

Season 2 (2018)

Participating artists: Buthina Milhem (Ar’ara), Juhaina Habibi Kandalaft (Nazareth), Hani Zurob (Gaza/Paris), Karim Abu Shakra Hamzeh (Um el Fahem), Manal Mahamid (Haifa), Mohammed Joha (Gaza/Rome), Mohammad Saleh Khalil (Ramallah).

Season 3 (2019)

participating artists: Bashar Alhroub (Ramallah) Shada Safadi (Golan Hights) Bahir Qonqar (Bethlehem / Vienna) Fatima Abu Roomi ( Tamra ) Fouad Agbaria (Um El Fahem) Amjad Ghannam (Jerusalem) Randa Maddah ( Majdal Shams /Paris)

Artworks Created In Residency

Project Results In Numbers (2016-2019)

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