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Founded in 2015, the International Art Colony is committed to producing distinctive exhibitions, exclusive documentary films and interesting public programming on thought-provoking visual art originating from important but less known visual artists from around the world.

Art Colony Projects

Filmed Art Residencies In The Heart Of Nature

Much more than a usual art residency...

The International Art Colony offers selected visual artists a unique opportunity to liberate themselves from the pressures of their busy daily lives. Providing a guaranteed reprieve from the hustle and bustle, the program transports artists to a surreal realm nestled in the serene surroundings of a nature reserve.

Culminating in exhibitions, these art residencies showcase the creative output produced during the retreat.

Art Residency Experience

Creative Vibes, Relaxed atmoshpere sorrounded by nature

Truly Amazing Location!!

Remote village in the heart of Europe on the verge of a nature reserve

Recreation and Sightseeing

Art Residencies include a host of unqiue  recreational programs and adventures

International Art Colony in Numbers

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Current Art Residency Projects


Part of the Mobility for Creativity Project by ALF

Past Art Residency Projects

Masters of Palestinian Art

Best of Palestinian art in 3 seasons, with 21 artists


Films About Our Artists-In-Residence

Capturing the creative process, with on cam interviews

The International Art Colony recognizes the significance of documenting our art residencies.  By capturing the art creation process during the residency and highlighting the interactions among artists, on-camera and off-camera interviews become invaluable tools.

Radio Broadcasts

Caravan World Fusion Mixes

On Air At Radio Tilos (The Forbidden Radio) Since 1999

The International Art Colony is dedicated to fostering meaningful cross-cultural exchanges, extending beyond the realm of visual arts to embrace the universal language of music, combining traditional wold fusion sounds with electronic beats and jazzy spices.

Art works & Objects created during our art residencies

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Mohammad Joha
Painter, Conceptual Artist
Buthina Abu Milhem
painter, conceptual Artist

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