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Identity (Part I) : A visual Dialogue

15 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024

Showcasing the results of the 1st episode of MOZAIK EUROMED ARTHUB special focus art residency, to be held in cooperation between Interkulti Association,  Beit Hagefen – The Arab- Jewish Cultural Center in Haifa, and the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt, and the Károlyi Palace .

In these tumultuous times of war and destruction, with an escalating conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, our initiative emerges as a beacon of hope. Our vision is to host two visual artists, one Palestinian and one Jewish, both citizens of Israel, for a transformative month-long art residency in a serene guesthouse nestled in a remote, picturesque rural village in Hungary. This sanctuary, far removed from the cacophony of the Middle East, provides a neutral, relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature—an essential backdrop for fostering dialogue.

This unique setting is crucial for promoting mutual understanding and cultivating shared perspectives on the longstanding conflict. While the art residency doesn’t aim to provide political answers, it serves as a catalyst for raising questions and nurturing collective contemplation. The artistic creations of these two gifted individuals will center around the theme of the exhibition: “Identities: A Visual Dialogue.”

The collaborative efforts of the two artists will unfold through artistic creation, thoughtful discussions, and engaging joint programs, all geared toward encouraging dialogue. The culmination of their work will be showcased in a joint exhibition at the historic Károly Palace  towards the conclusion of the art residency.

Link to the venue

  • Date: 15 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024
  • Location:Károlyi Palace and Online on this website
  • Curators:Inna Berkowic
  • Duration:1 week