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The International Art Colony, a non-profit multifaceted initiative, is dedicated to hosting, documenting, and promoting gifted visual artists.

Through these initiatives, we aim to create a platform that not only celebrates artistic diversity but also encourages a broader appreciation for the richness of global artistic expression.

At the International Art Colony, we hold the conviction that art and music serve as a remarkable bridge between cultures, fostering intercultural dialogue and enhancing understanding among the diverse cultures of the world.

Our Actions

Providing Exclusive Content

Committed to presenting unique exhibitions and public programs, the International Art Colony focuses on showcasing captivating and exceptional art from overlooked cultures around the globe. 

In furtherance of our mission, the colony actively collaborates with prestigious galleries and art venues for the presentation of our exhibitions. Notable partnerships include esteemed establishments such as the Károlyi Castle and Bartók 1 Gallery in Budapest, where we aim to create immersive and impactful showcases of the diverse and exceptional artworks originating from our art residencies.

The International Art Colony, as part of its commitment, recognizes the significance of documenting our art residencies. We believe that filming these residencies is crucial for showcasing artists and their creations on a global scale. By capturing the art creation process during the residency and highlighting the interactions among artists, on-camera and off-camera interviews become invaluable tools. These interviews provide deeper insights into each artist’s perspective, contributing to a richer understanding of their work and fostering a greater connection between artists and audiences worldwide.

Our Story

Committed to fostering Intercultural Dialogue

The International Art Colony is a visionary project initiated by the Interkulti Association, a non-profit civil organization officially registered in Hungary since 2009. Committed to fostering Intercultural Dialogue, the association operates with the overarching goal of promoting understanding and collaboration among diverse cultures.

Through its not-for-profit endeavors, the International Art Colony seeks to create a supportive and enriching environment for visual artists, facilitating cultural exchange and creative exploration within the global artistic community.

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Our Current and Past Partners

Anna Lindh EUROMED Foundation (Alexandria), Mr. Adam SolIh (Marinbad), Mr. George M. Al Ama (Bethlehem), Palestine Museum US (CT, USA), Bab Al Deir Art Gallery (Bethlehem), MR. Nafez Jundi (Jiddah), Dr. Ramzi Dalloul (London) and DAF foundation (Beirut), A.M. Qattan Foundation (Ramallah), Mellow Mood Hotels (Budapest), Károlyi Palace (Fehérvárcsurgó), Bartok 1 Gallery (Budapest), kiyan art (Beirut)

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