Immerse yourself in the synergy of art and wellness amidst the heart of nature!

Renowned for its unparalleled hospitality, paired with bespoke fine dining curated for an exclusive experience in a breathtaking wild natural setting, we offer steadfast assurances of boundless inspiration and a uniquely enriched creative atmosphere!

The International Art Colony extends a distinctive invitation to visual artists, providing them with a rare opportunity to break free from the demands of their hectic daily routines. The program ensures a guaranteed escape from the modern clamor, transporting artists into a dreamlike realm nestled within the tranquility of a nature reserve.

Our special venues exude positive vibes, drawing inspiration from the surrounding spectacular natural scenes and the invigorating freshness of the unspoiled air that rustles through the lofty forest trees.

Artists have the flexibility to choose their workspace, whether indoors or outdoors. The captivating nature reserve offers a myriad of options – be it on the serene shores of a small lake, amidst the enchanting forest, or at the pinnacle of a cliff reached after a scenic 30-minute hike along a meandering river. This unique environment provides artists with an inspiring backdrop to unleash their creativity.

In addition to the primary guest house situated within the nature reserve, the Art Colony presents several individual guest houses nestled in a picturesque countryside setting, enveloped by lush fruit gardens and vineyards.

Artists have access to well-equipped studios, providing a conducive space for a diverse range of creative activities.  Furthermore, the Colony boasts a distinctive library housing over 1000 e-books encompassing the global history of art, serving as a valuable resource for research, learning, and inspiration.

Special Focus Art Residencies

Artists are exclusively eligible to apply for special focus art residencies during the specific time frames outlined in the open call for each respective residency.

It is important to note that special focus art residencies are contingent upon the successful securing of donations and funding from external institutions and sources. These unique projects come to fruition only when the necessary financial support is obtained to ensure a meaningful and resourceful experience for participating artists.

Current Art Residency Projects


Part of the Mobility for Creativity Project by ALF

Past Art Residency Projects

Masters of Palestinian Art

Best of Palestinian art in 3 seasons, with 21 artists

Superb Experience

The International Art Colony houses visual artists in a range of exclusive accommodation options during their residency, each equipped with necessary art materials.

The primary guesthouse is situated within the nature reserve, while additional guesthouses are conveniently located within the village. Use of these guesthouses depends on the number of visiting artists at the same residency period.

Exclusive Venues

Exhibitions and special events organized by the International Art Colony are usually hosted first at the beautiful 300 years old Károlyi Palace at Fehérvácsurgó, courtesy the kind sponsorship of the József Károlyi Foundation, located just minutes away from the Art Colony.

Exhibitions organized by the International Art Colony in Budapest Hungary are hosted at Bartók 1 Gallery, located at the prestigious “Gallery Boulevard” of Budapest – Bartók Béla Avenue, courtesy the kind sponsorship of Sensaria Association.

Other special events by the Colony are occasionally hosted at La Prima Fashion Hotel in Budapest, Hungary, courtesy the kind sponsorship of Mellow Mood Hotels.

Recreation At the Art Colony

Amazing Location

Beyond the unspoiled natural surroundings, a plethora of exciting adventures and captivating sightseeing destinations beckons. Embark on a journey through medieval towns and castles, summer palaces, and of course, Budapest!

Superb Gastronomy

Offering a culinary journey each day featuring an international fusion of flavors and mouthwatering dishes that showcase delicious Hungarian and Middle Eastern specialties, catering to both vegetarian and meat lovers alike.


Our thoughtfully curated recreation programs are tailored specifically for artists in residence, starting with a rejuvenating experience of hot thermal baths, to a refreshing swim in the lakes, to endless hiking options in the nature reserves surrounding the art colony.

Application for Art Residency

Visual artists interested in participating in an art residency at the International Art Colony are invited to check open calls. It’s important to note that the selection of artists is based on merit and aligns with the annual work plan of the Colony.

Art Colony Policies

Visiting visual artists are responsible for arranging their own visa applications in a timely manner. Once approved and selected, the Colony will furnish official invitation letters.

Artists are required to manage their travel logistics, including securing flight/train/bus tickets. Upon request, The International Art Colony may facilitate airport transfers for selected and approved artists to and from the colony.

It is mandatory for all visiting artists to possess valid medical insurance throughout their stay at the Colony. Additionally, artists are encouraged to bring necessary medications, bathing suits, sneakers, and any specialized art materials they require.

Visiting artists are expected to conduct themselves with decency and respect towards their hosts and the local community. Any form of aggressive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of the residency. In the event of such termination, the Art Colony will not be liable for any loss, compensation or refunds to the artist. The artist will bear the full cost of changing their travel tickets and all other associated costs and consequences. It is the artist’s responsibility to adhere to these standards to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all participants. Artists should maintain a professional demeanor and contribute positively to the collaborative and creative environment.

Visiting artists are expected to thoroughly review the art residency pages on our website prior to arriving at the Art Colony. Familiarizing themselves with the residency guidelines, schedules, facilities, and community expectations will ensure a smooth and productive stay. This preparation will help artists integrate seamlessly into the residency program and maximize their creative experience.

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