Amazing location!

The legendary hospitality coupled with bespoke, exquisite fine dining experiences within the enchanting wilderness ensures an unparalleled source of inspiration and a uniquely conducive creative atmosphere!

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, amidst a pristine natural reserve approximately 70 km from Budapest and 170 km from Vienna, the International Art Colony provides selected visual artists with an optimal environment to nurture their creativity. This tranquil countryside setting fosters personal vision, inspiring the development of fresh and captivating artistic expressions in a relaxed rural atmosphere.

If you’re up for a bit of climbing, the Károlyi Lookout offers a stunning aerial view of the gorge. Down by the lakeshore, you have the option to unwind or engage in artistic pursuits at the sheltered tables, even in inclement weather. For those with energy to spare, a forest hike provides an opportunity to revel in the breathtaking scenery and invigorating fresh air.

Should the Gaja Nature Reserve leave you wanting more, the Vertes Nature Reserve and the medieval castle at Chokako awaits exploration just 10 minutes away from the guest house. The village also offers 2 small fishing lakes, at the bottom of the mountain.

Discover The Village

Medieval Castle

Unspoiled Nature All Around

Sightseeing and  Adventures

In addition to the untouched natural surroundings, an array of thrilling adventures and enticing sightseeing destinations awaits. Explore our curated recreation programs designed specifically for artists in residence.

The village - Vertes Nature Reserve

Situated on the outskirts of a Nature Reserve, the village is renowned not only for its medieval castle and exceptional wines but also for offering homemade honey, fresh milk, eggs, and organic vegetables and fruits.

Gaja Valley Nature Reserve

The Gorge stands out as one of the most picturesque hiking destinations. A scenic walking path runs along the meandering course of the Gaja Creek, providing an ideal route for any nature-loving enthusiast.

Exclusive Exhibition Venues

Exhibitions and special events organized by the International Art Colony are usually hosted first at the beautiful 300 years old Károlyi Palace at Fehérvácsurgó, courtesy the kind sponsorship of the Joseph Károlyi Foundation, located just minutes away from the Art Colony.

Exhibitions organized by the International Art Colony in Budapest Hungary are hosted at Bartók 1 Gallery, located at the prestigious “Gallery Boulevard” of Budapest – Bartók Béla Avenue, courtesy the kind sponsorship of Sensaria Association.

Other special events by the Colony are occasionally hosted at La Prima Fashion Hotel in Budapest, Hungary, courtesy the kind sponsorship of Mellow Mood Hotels.

Getting Here

By Train

Take the train either to Győr or to Budapest.

By Air

Preferably fly to Budapest Internatinal Airport. In case you cant find a good flight, check flights to Vienna International Airport.

Colony Transfers

We will arrange for your trasnfer from the airport or the train station right to the colony by private shuttle or car.

Location Climate

The climate exhibits a continental pattern, characterized by typically cold winters and warm to hot summers. Spring and autumn maintain mild conditions, marked by frequent temperature fluctuations, especially during these transitional seasons.

 summer, spanning from June to August, generally brings warm and sunny weather, occasionally punctuated by afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures may soar to around 35 °C (95 °F) or even higher.

Despite the summer warmth, the influence of Atlantic weather fronts can occasionally usher in cool and rainy conditions, providing a contrasting element to the seasonal weather.

Please be sure to have warm cloths for the cool evenings or for the rainy days. and don’t forget the swimming suit!

Washing machine is available, and we will take care of your laundry.

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