Art in Corona Times

In this online exhibition series, stretching from 5th of December 2020 until the summer of 2021, the International Art Colony presents artworks by Colony artists created during the COVID19 pandemic.

“Eyes on The Street” is an amazing street photography exhibition, shot by Osama Mady on the streets of Haifa during the Pandemic.

Osama Mady is a Palestinian photographer based in Haifa, Israel.

“ For the last 15 years I have been working as an art director in advertising agencies, and therefore I have always been dealing with photographers, as we made sure everything was perfect: Promotional models with makeup at the right angle and with the perfect look, that articulate the client’s brand, thus presenting content that was not real, "Shutterstock" like images. In street photography I wanted to tell a different story... Indeed, it is a way of connecting with the "Real world", bringing back feelings, ideas, stories and the moments that stand out . I wanted to walk through the streets of Haifa while being constantly aware of momentary changes in light, surprising unpredictable moments, and to capture stories that have not been told. ”

Osama Mady

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