Art in Pandemic Times

Documenting Art During Global Health Crisis

In this online exhibition series, stretching from 5th of December 2020 until the summer of 2021, the International Art Colony presents artworks by Colony artists created during the COVID19 pandemic. This worldwide health crisis has been having an enormous impact on our lives, let alone the lives of visual artists, who have been also faced with serious economic hardship due to the plague and its aftermath. With all the ensuing lock downs and restrictions, no doubt this unusual era will enter the pages of history. Seen from this perspective, we believe that it is important to document some of the byproducts of this crisis, focusing on the aesthetic manifestations of expression by some of our leading visual artists.For as Pankaj Tripathi has observed “across the world, wherever good art has been created, that society has been in crisis.”


Ever since the Covid19 pandemic struck humanity, which has disrupted our lives in so many ways, people all over the world have been looking for answers, trying to understand how and why we got into this mess. Others have been trying to respond to the plague, constructing their own survival strategies amid a serious health crisis that swiftly turned into a combined health and economic crisis.

In this unique exhibition, Haifa born Palestinian visual artist Abed Abdi presents his survival strategy, focusing himself on challenging the pandemic and the restrictions brought by it to the old normal life.He wont surrender his creativity, and sets sail to create a visual dialogue with the pandemic, in which he attempts to tackle the emotional stress caused by the plague and its aftermath.

Abdi spares no materials in the process, employing trashed wooden drawers, old kitchen appliances, copper, gesso, rosary, rug, oil, acrylic, ink and what not. His message is simple and straightforward: Creativity must endure despite all hardships. Inspired by the masters of the Renaissance, who had also experienced chaos and plague during their lives, Abdi assumes the position of the pessoptimist, emphasizing humanity’s fragile nature while reaffirming the strength of its steadfastness and altruism.

Despite the darkness of the lock down, Abdi can still see some rays of light, that are transformed into shining colorful compositions on his canvas meant to boost our morale at these difficult times.


Challenging the Pandemic

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