Randa Maddah

painter, conceptual Artist

Randa Maddah born in 1983, Majdal Shams, occupied Syrian Golan). After finishing courses in painting and sculpture at Adham Ismail Center, Damascus in 2003, she graduated from Damascus University, the faculty of fine arts, department of sculpture, 2005. In 2007, Randa also took etching courses at the Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Her work has been described by John Berger as ‘There is a power in this work (Puppet Theater) such as I have seen in no other. It has claimed the ground on which it is standing. It has made the killing field between the aghast spectators and the agonizing victims sacred. It has changed the floor of a parking lot into something landswept’. Randa is a founding member of Fateh Al Mudarris Center for Arts and Culture, occupied Golan Heights, which founded by young artists.
2015 Art residency “Cité internationale des Arts”, Paris.
2013 part of the workshop (UmeaGolan), Sweden.
2012 Open Studio Group workshop (politics and arts), Al Sakakeni Cultural Center, Beirziet. 2011 Open Studio Group workshop, Al Sakakeni Cultural Center, Bierziet.
2010 Part of the third sculpture festival in Golan, Ein Qenia.
2010 Open Studio Group workshop (try and retry), Al Sakakeni Cultural Center, Bierziet. 2009 Part of the second sculpture festival in Golan, Masada.
2007 The first sculpture festival in the Golan, Majdal Shams.
2005 Colors from Damascus workshop, Mustafa Ali art gallery, Damascus.
A wards
2018 Prize for Excellence / International Grand Prize, The TAKIFUJI Art Award, Tokyo, Japan. 2014 Award the journalist specialized in cinema/ Aflam festival/ Marseille.
2008 The young Artist of the Year Award, A.M. Qattan foundation, Ramallah.
2005 Albasel Award of Excellence graduate, Honor Prize, University of Damascus.
2004 Albasel Award of Excellence, First Place, University of Damascus.
Solo exhibitions
2016 A hair tie – Gallery one / Ramallah- Palestine.
2015 Pencil on Pepper – Europia gallery / Paris-France.
2006 Untitled – Fateh Almudarris Art Gallery / Majdal Shams.
Group exhibitions
2019 (Heartbreak), RUYA MAPS, the 58th Venice Biennale, Italy.
2019 (Mediterraneo sensibile), AlbumArte, Rome, Italy.
2019 (La création syrienne contemporaine), Cloitre des récollets – Ville de metz, France.
2019 (SEUILS), Makan-Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
2018 (Où est la maison de mon ami ?), maison des arts centre d’art contemporain de Malakoff, Paris, France.
2018 (Sans tambour, ni trompette – Cent ans de guerres commissariat),Faux Mouvement Centre d’Art Contemporain, Metz, France.
2018 (LAUTRE), Exposition de lassociation Florence, ESPACE COMMINES, Paris, France. 2018 Qalandiya International IV, Ramallah.

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