Károlyi Palace

The Károlyi Palace (or Castle) (Hungarian: Károlyi-kastély) is a 19th-century castle, of Classicist and Eclectic styles, it is located in the village of Fehérvárcsurgó in the Fejér County, Hungary. The complex was built by György Károlyi from the Károlyi noble family, designed by architects Henrich Koch and Miklós Ybl

The castle is a one-storey Classicist building, middle avant-corps, a tympanum, the building has 20 rooms, a chapel, a library, a conference hall and a restaurant. On the side of the castle rises its 30-meter-high tower, with 1-1 branch tower on its four corners, with balustrades between them. The architects created a small French garden in the courtyard.

The park is a 40-hectare arboretum. For over 150 years there are pines, lindens, oaks and chestnuts, as well as lakes, promenades and bridges. In 2014, the renovation of the castle park started and the central part of the park has been renewed, trees and shrubs planted, and the previously dried-up lake and bridges and garden pavilions have all been restored. (source: wikipedia)

The last owner of the estate was István Károlyi. Following the World War II, the castle and estate were removed from the Károlyi family and nationalized without compensation. In 1997, the József Károlyi Foundation was established by György Károlyi, living in Paris, and the state signed a cooperation agreement for the joint renovation and utilization of the castle. Currently, the Palace Cultural Center is a member of the European Network of Cultural Centers. At the same time as the scientific and cultural activities of the foundation, the Károlyi Castle Development and Operations Ltd. continues managing the castle.(source: wikipedia)

Today, the palace is home to a museum, library, a premium hotel and an elegant restaurant.

The Palace visit equals travel in time, and its delicious cakes at the restaurant are definitely worth a visit, while the beautiful huge park is a great destination for hiking, relaxation and contemplation.

Since 2019, H.E. Ambassador György Károlyi and his wife Angelica Károlyi have partnered with the International Art Colony, and have been kindly sponsoring the Colony by hosting our special focus exhibitions at the palace.

The palace is about 1 km away from Jerry Hunter’s Lodge, and about 3 km away from Csókakő village.

Entry Fee: Free of charge.

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