"Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage"

The Mór wine region is one of the smaller but most famous wine regions of Hungary. Its past goes back to historical times.

The wines of the Mór wine region are typically white wines. Moorish wine, including the most famous “ezerjo”, is a hard late maturing wine. In the third year after harvest, it develops to its fullest potential, and it is then when you feel its unique individual taste. When the weather is good, the grape bunches turn golden and have a wonderful aroma. 

Mor region wines are masculine due to their high acidity, but this does not cause headaches or hangovers at moderate consumption, as does high carbonate wines.

There are numerous wine cellars at Csókakő village, some of them have special wine tasting programs.

The Art Colony organizes a 2 hour long  wine tasting  tour at 2 famous wine cellars.

Interested guests may purchase any number of bottles of wine directly from the producers after tasting those wines. A perfect gift to dear ones indeed. 

Artists at the Colony may enjoy a selection of the best of Hungarian wines, served along lunch and dinner meals free of charge.

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