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"Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage"

The Mór wine region, although smaller in size, holds a prestigious status among Hungary’s renowned wine regions with a historical legacy dating back to ancient times.

Featuring predominantly white wines, the wines of the Mór wine region, including the renowned “ezerjo,” are characterized by their robustness and late maturation. It is in the third year post-harvest that these wines reach their peak, unveiling a distinctive individual taste. In favorable weather conditions, the grape clusters take on a golden hue, emitting a delightful aroma.

Despite their masculine profile, attributed to high acidity, wines from the Mór region are known for causing minimal discomfort at moderate consumption, unlike high carbonate wines that may lead to headaches or hangovers.

Csókakő village boasts numerous wine cellars, with some offering special wine tasting programs.

As part of the Art Colony’s offerings, a curated two-hour wine tasting tour is organized, featuring visits to two renowned wine cellars.

Enthusiastic guests have the opportunity to acquire any desired quantity of wine directly from the producers following their tasting experience. This not only allows for a personalized selection based on individual preferences but also presents an excellent opportunity to purchase unique and high-quality wines, making for perfect and thoughtful gifts for loved ones.


From time to time, artists at the Colony have the opportunity to indulge in a curated selection of the finest Hungarian wines. These wines are graciously served alongside specially selected lunches and dinners, all provided free of charge, enhancing the overall artistic experience and fostering a convivial atmosphere within the community.

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