Recreation At the Art Colony

The Thermal Baths and Medicinal waters

3 Hour Program, Visit by Art Colony Bus

The spa’s 58-degree medicinal water is derived from about 1,000 meters deep. It contains alkaline bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, calcium, and fluorine. Its total soluble mineral content is 2216 mg per liter.

There is an indoor pool (38-39 c) and 2 outdoor pools (36-37 c), in addition to a number of attractions and a beautiful green park.

Diseases treated by medicinal water:

     musculoskeletal disorders
         Wear (degenerative) diseases of the joints
         post-treatment of traumatic operations

     gynecological and urological diseases
         gynecological inflammations

The above indications are information from the spa. In the event of a specific complaint, consult a specialist.

Bathing is not recommended under certain circumstances.

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