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The Bory Castle is a special group of buildings in the Öreghegy part of Székesfehérvár, which was built and decorated by Jenő Bory (1879-1959), an architect, sculptor and painter from Szekesfehervar, for the remainder of his love and artistic dream. ] Bory began building the castle in 1923 and worked on it for the rest of his life. The building was not only the home of the Bory family, but also a huge studio for the work of the architect and his wife, painter Ilona Komóchin (1885-1974), but also works by other renowned painters and sculptors. Bory intended the building itself to be an independent work of art.

The castle is more than 30 meters high from the dungeon to the top of the tallest towers. Seven towers, thirty smaller and larger rooms, including three studios, statues, pictures, antiques, and works of art everywhere. It is interesting that the fortress is made of concrete, which was used by Jenő Bory as a pioneer in its application. 

From this material were made domes, columns, rails, stairs, door and window shades, pools, decorative fountains, but also sculptures and reliefs.

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