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The Library of The International Art Colony

The International Art Colony Library is a repository of knowledge and inspiration, providing visual artists in residence with access to a diverse and extensive collection of literary works. With over 50,000 volumes, the library covers a wide range of academic subjects, including art, culture, philosophy, history, economics, and international politics.

Managed through Calibre book library management software, the collection is primarily in PDF format, allowing for easy access and navigation. Artists are encouraged to explore this virtual library at the dedicated computer desk in Jery’s Hunter’s Lodge lobby, offering a valuable resource for research, learning, and creative inspiration.

In addition to the virtual collection, the library houses a curated selection of hardcover art books, including artist catalogs, biographies, general art history books, and a special collection of 60 academic books on Art Therapy. 

The library is a haven for artists seeking to delve into the depths of knowledge and creativity during their residency at the International Art Colony.


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