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Abed Abdi: Challenging the Pandemic

05 Dec 2020 - 28 Feb 2023

In this online exhibition series, stretching from 5th of December 2020, the International Art Colony presents artworks by Colony artists created during the COVID19 pandemic. It ought to be very interesting to contrast these artworks with earlier artworks by same artists created at the International art Colony summer residencies in times of “peace”.

The first exhibition in this series to dedicated to artworks by Abed Abdi, titled: “Challenging the Pandemic”. Presented here are artworks created by the artist during the COVID19 Pandemic, in which he attempts to tackle the emotional stress caused by the plague and its aftermath.

Abed Abdi is a Palestinian visual artist living in Haifa, Israel.

  • Date: 05 Dec 2020 - 28 Feb 2023
  • Location:Online / International Art Colony Site
  • Curators:Amir A. Abdi
  • Duration:30 minutes